Drawing is one of the earliest forms of human communication. Everyone has the ability to learn to draw and, contrary to popular belief, drawing is not a gift – it is like anything we do, we have to work at it. All we need is to be shown some basic instruction and technique. Mark has a passion for his drawing and painting classes and, with gentle coaxing, will inspire and encourage you to produce work you never though you had within you. Many of our students want to put some creativity back into their lives. Absolute beginners find encouragement and direction in a welcoming environment and experienced artists often come to refresh their skills or learn a new medium. “I run one and two day classes, at the end of which you will go home with a completed drawing and/or series of paintings and the energy and confidence to produce more”. Spoil yourself, enrich your life and contact Mark for a programme of sessions.

Although the pastel painting classes are geared for beginners, people of all abilities have found them helpful and rewarding. The ‘drawing with colour’ workshops inspire, motivate and emphasize individuality. Each person has specific goals, and each goal is reached through discovering what our creative self esteem can and will do. Students are able to work at their own pace, either standing at an easel or sitting at a table. You will learn about the different makes of pastels and their uses as well as supports/papers and fixatives. We will also cover composition, colour and light. At no time will you feel under pressure to complete and you will be given whatever help is needed to achieve your goals. Not only will you learn new skills to help you succeed with your paintings, you will also make new friends in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Mark offers small group and private lessons in drawing and pastel painting at is Tuamgraney High St. studio. Classes consist of exercises and challenges to help you focus on your observational skills as well as information devoted to the basics of drawing and painting with pastels. In addition, we, will explore the exciting and varied mediums of charcoal, conte, chalks and pastel pencils and learn how to use them to improve your picture making capabilities. Mark also provides classes to local art groups and corporate clients, so if you have a minimum of 6 students, he will come to you.

All artworks on this site (except where stated ‘student works’) were produced by Mark Douglas-Smith and are copyright protected.