Corporate Days

We offer ‘Professional Development Days’, so if you’re looking for something more creative than paint-balling for your company day out then why not take the ‘Life Drawing Challenge’?

Teams test their observation, eye-to-hand coordination, memory and decision-making skills while drawing from the naked human form. Individuals will learn to work together as a team to create the most successful portrait. Exercises are designed to be motivational, competitive and, above all, fun!

For those who would prefer something more relaxing, we suggest a day of blissful still life drawing combined with gentle confidence building exercises to sharpen up your observational abilities.

Life Drawing Challenge:

life drawing challengeThe exercise is divided into 2 specific progressive phases namely Mastering the Technique – the initial grasp of the individuals’ challenge and Capturing the Pose – the subsequent team effort. The teams success is determined by their ability to meet or exceed the objective. Leadership, problem solving, clear and concise communication, hand-to-eye coordination, negotiation, delegation and trust are challenged throughout the game providing excellent realistic learning opportunities and FUN for all involved.

An initial demonstration in technique and approach is given. Advice is offered throughout the exercise.