Drawing Classes with Colour

Many students choose to do oil painting classes because they are afraid of drawing and believe they cannot draw and so never really progress. Drawing is the basic scaffolding onto which we hang colour. Using pastels combines the two disciplines. Drawing is after all the ability to observe an object in front of you and to reproduce it on paper – we are all capable of doing this to some degree, and drawing with colour will improve your painting ability. Pastels are a very satisfying medium, and in many ways ideal for beginners. The results can be stunning and once you have tried them you will be hooked. They can be an effective bridge between drawing and painting, but they can also be utilized for finished and complex paintings. Unlike oil paint, there is no down time while waiting for one layer to dry. In addition to learning to make better paintings, you will learn about different types of drawing materials and how they work, different surfaces to work on and different techniques of application.

Class Subjects

Subjects will vary from class to class but will usually consist of man-made objects or natural/ organic still life set-ups. Students work mainly from life observing a simple one-off item to more complex compositions. Student supplied and ‘copyright free’ photographs will also be used in specific courses.

Courses schedule

Whether you live locally or are a visitor to the area, a one day course gives you a taste of pastel painting, and drawing is the perfect way to spend a day. One-day adult courses run every week at the studio, and are a great wet-weather option. Simply phone/email beforehand and we will send you a programme of courses. Tuition is from 10:30am until 1pm (lunch 1pm – 2pm) and 2pm – 4:30pm, when classes finish. Lunch, tea, coffee & biscuits are provided. We will do a fully tutored step by step painting working from life or photographs and Mark will demonstrate each stage, explaining the techniques used. “I share the skills I have acquired over the years and encourage you to practice and develop your own style and technique”. The main thing is to get started, remain confident and keeping going!


All equipment and artists quality materials will be provided for as part of the course fee unless stated otherwise. Tea and coffee will be served during breaks and a delicious homemade lunch will be provided on the one and two day courses.


Costs for classes vary due to course length, modelling fees and certain materials used, so call or email for a schedule and price list.