Landscape Drawing and Painting

Landscapesrainbow landscape photograph From a rich, green rural Irish scene to the warm and arid image of a Tuscan hillside, artists have been painting and drawing landscapes since art began. It seems like it’s a natural human reaction to want to capture the beautiful scenery around us.

Landscapes are almost always at their most dramatic during the ‘Golden Hour’ after sunrise and about an hour before sunset, depending on the time of year. The great  advantage of using pastels to make landscape painting is that pastels are a quick medium to capture a scene before the light changes. Using pastel techniques, you will learn how to effectively create the illusion of fog, haze, water, distant trees and mountains, foreground grasses, clouds and so on. With pastels, you have all the tools you need to create stunning landscapes. The sky has a profound effect on the overall lighting and atmosphere of a painting and so you will learn more about cloud formations and how to create ‘big skies’ with colour and black and white. Mark has received many prizes in landscape competitions and will help you improve your picture making capabilities. We will work directly from life outside (weather permitting) or from our library of extensive photographic reference. You may wish to bring your own favourite landscape photographs to work from. Photographs should be in focus and enlarged to A3, (which is an ideal size to work from). Call for a programme and more course details.