Still Life

From a simple arrangement of black and white objects to a more complex set up, a still life drawing can have many purposes. When we draw in color it can help us understand how color acts in real life, how the light reflects, and how an arrangement of colors can bring a special mood to the painting. Using pastels and colored pencils you will learn about color and detail. In the case of black and white drawings, the purpose of the still life is different.

Monochrome drawing helps us study shapes and observe what we see – not what we think we see! You will learn how to measure proportions correctly, study tonal values, shading, light-to-dark and how they can make the difference between a good drawing and a fantastic drawing. Fabric, glass, wood and fruit all have different surfaces and textures. Subjects will vary from class to class, but will always be challenging and fun. This course will also include botanical studies.

Still life fruit and mushrooms