Life Drawing

life drawing, sample drawing

© Daniel Burge (Student)

Life Drawing is drawing the naked human form. This has been the cornerstone of artistic training, but is also popular with amateurs as well as professional artists. The figure presents many technical problems – form, structure, foreshortening and so on – so is  wonderful training. I like to think of the body as being similar to an Ordnance Survey map, in that the figure is made up of lots of interesting surfaces – mapping them out is all part of the fun. Using male and female models, long and short poses will be interspersed with  exercises specifically designed to allow you to work in different styles and to express what you see, after helping you to truly see it.

This is a relaxed but professional atmosphere that makes drawing interesting and  successful. You can be of any ability or level in drawing or painting and you will be  individually cared for while working in the group. I have total beginners – advanced students, and a few accomplished artists in the class. I naturally teach this class on a professional and sensitive level, comparable to any art school. A group full of enthusiasm, and mutual encouragement will ensure lots of fun during classes. You have the choice of drawing in a variety of mediums, traditional pencil and charcoal and experimenting with different techniques as well as exploring colour through pastels.