Portrait Drawing

Portrait drawing

© Mark Douglas-Smith

Drawing and painting a portrait uses the same observational skills and techniques as for all other subjects. You will learn to draw at ‘life size’ in order to achieve detail and accuracy in your portraits. In this class you will work primarily in black and white, which will benefit students who wish to move on to the exciting subject of portraiture and for others who want to freshen up their existing drawing skills to apply them to their portrait work. Several different techniques will be covered, from simple profile and contours to complete modeling of the head using charcoal, pencils and conte. Emphasis will be placed on likeness, value and composition. Drawings will be completed using photographs and from a live model. You may wish to bring along a photograph of your own to work from. Please ensure that you have the sitters’ permission and that the photograph is in focus and enlarged to A3 in size. I will demonstrate several different techniques during this course.