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“…I’ve enjoyed every moment. Thank you Mark for having me in the class – I’ve learned so much in just these last few classes.

All the best for now.” Venetia.

“I read that subject as End of Life – Drawing Class. I thought wow, Mark’s launching a therapeutic class for the greatest transition that we all have to make! Great to see you yesterday. I was really pleased with the last drawing I did.”
Daniel Burge

Hi Mark,
He did indeed show me his drawing and i thought it was a good first piece. Joel came home feeling really pleased with himself and said ” it was so interesting, I felt that I learned a lot and that it was so relaxing”. Obviously i was delighted to hear this and i know he’s looking forward to the next session.

Leaving Cert Art Study:

“Hi Mark. Thanks so much for the note. Robert enjoyed the class v much and we were delighted with his drawing. many thanks again, i’ll stick my head round the door and say hello the next evening”

Portfolio Preparation Course:

“Thank you so much. Jennifer arrived back with such a beam on her face and a portfolio full of ideas she hasn’t stopped talking about it. This was the boost she needed to get her folder in shape. Thanks again Mark.”
Mary (Jen’s mum)

“This was the best course for my portfolio I got loads of work done and really got to understand the brief. Food was great and I made lots of friends. Thanks.”

“Mark, May I take this opportunity to complement you on the portfolio course you offer to students. It was very beneficial for Declan. He found the course very fulfilling and focused and it helped him produce some of his best work to date. Not alone did his artwork improve immensely but since his return we note he has become more focused and organised with his study skills for the Leaving Certificate. He has also gained confidence in himself since attending the course. Thank you so much for all your help and may I take this opportunity to wish you success ahead.”




Art Scene article on My Art Class and Mark Douglas-Smith

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